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Jorge Domecq at World ATM Congress: “Military requirements need to be taken fully into account in air traffic modernisation”

Madrid - 07 March, 2017

EDA Chief Executive Jorge Domecq today (7 March) visited the World ATM Congress in Madrid where he had a range of bilateral meetings with aviation leaders. He also participated in a panel discussion organised at the joint SESAR stand.

On the first day of the World ATM Congress,  EDA Chief Executive Jorge Domecq spoke about the importance of recognising the military as a credible and reliable partner for excellence in global aviation. During the opening panel discussion at the joint SESAR stand, Mr. Domecq underscored the significance of the current global context and its relationship with global aviation. Mr. Domecq said  “given the evolving security challenges facing Europe, it is crucial for security and defence that any development in air traffic modernisation takes military requirements fully into account, in order to avoid any adverse impact on national and collective defence capabilities.”

EDA Chief Executive was joined in the panel debate, titled “Setting the scene: partnering for excellence in global aviation”, by representatives from SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU), SESAR Deployment Manager (SESAR DM) EUROCAE, EUROCONTROL and EASA. In his panel intervention, Mr Domecq pointed to the concrete work that the EDA carries out in the aviation field. “On Single European Sky we are proud to support our Member States, acting as interface with EU institutions and facilitating the coordination of military views. Some concrete examples: we supported the military input into the European Master Plan Campaign Edition 2015 and the update of the SESAR Deployment Programme 2016. We are also actively engaged in the process for the 2017 Programme which has started in the meantime.”

Mr. Domecq closed his remarks by underlining the importance of the Military Aviation Strategy, which EDA has facilitated and reflects the shared view on military aviation as an integral part of air traffic in Europe for the coming decades. “The implementation of the Military Aviation Strategy, closely coordinated with NATO, will contribute to ensure that the military are recognised as credible and reliable partners for excellence in global aviation.”

EDA @ World ATM Congress 2017

During the World ATM Congress 2017 the SESAR stand and theatre will feature a wide variety of sessions, which will illustrate how SESAR works with ATM partners. “Partnering for excellence in global aviation” is the theme of the activities taking place at the stand over the three day event. 

EDA experts will be taking part in many of the sessions organised at the SESAR stand, as well as presenting the work of EDA in SESAR and engaging with stakeholders.

EDA is collaborating with the project hosts SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) and the SESAR Deployment Manager (SESAR DM). Other European representatives from the European CommissionEuropean Aviation Safety Agency Network Manager, and EUROCAE, make up the joint SESAR representation at the World ATM Congress. 

The full schedule of activities at the SESAR stand is available on the SESAR Joint Undertaking website. More on EDA’s activities at World ATM Congress can be found on EDA’s Twitter account or by using #SESAR.


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