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EDA and EUMS cooperate on Personnel Recovery

Brussels - 03 May, 2016

Jorge Domecq, the Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency, shared today the Personnel Recovery Functional Area Service Advanced Technology Demonstrator (PR FAS ATD) with Lieutenant General Wolfgang Wosolsobe, Director General of the EU Military Staff. During the meeting at the Agency other topics of common interest like EDA support to operations and other capability development issues and projects were discussed.   

Successful Personnel Recovery (PR) tasks have a positive impact on operational security, the morale and the confidence of deployed forces in theatres of operations, as well as public support. It is therefore imperative to ensure the effective and quick recovery and reintegration of isolated personnel. EDA, with its Project Team Personnel Recovery, has been working in mitigating identified shortfalls for the full spectrum of PR.    

The Personnel Recovery Functional Area Service Advanced Technology Demonstrator (PR FAS ATD) is an information management and Command & Control (C2) tool which is expected to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of PR for operations and missions.   

“The continuous support of the EUMS to address challenges in Personnel Recovery is much appreciated. We invite the EUMS to use the tool within the EU Operations Centre and to share with the Agency lessons identified and best management practices”, said Jorge Domecq.   

The Agency continues to work on various aspects of the through-life management of the tool to ensure its operational functionality in the long-term.


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