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Welcome to the Defence Data Portal. Here you will find the defence data collected on an annual basis by EDA. 

Defence Data is the only place to publish rigourous information on defence spending across the EDA participating Member States. It provides raw data on spending and force size, as well as trends and graphical breakdowns. The resource should help interested citizens and professional researchers alike.

Click on the map - or follow the flags if you are already in a country view - to display Defence Data associated with an EDA participating Member State for the selected year. For the aggregated figures click on the EDA icon.

Note: Not all data from participating Member States is releasable, therefore the aggregate figure will not always equal the totality of some of the data serials. Data has been rounded meaning some serials will not always equal aggregate figures at the EU level. Please note that Bulgaria and Romania became participating EDA Member States in 2007. There are no data available for the year 2005 for these two countries.

Defence Data of Latvia in 2010

Defence Data


Total defence expenditure

€194 million

Defence expenditure as % of GDP


Defence expenditure per capita



Number of military personnel


Number of civilian personnel


Defence investment (equipment procurement and R&D) per military


Personnel expenditure

€97 million

Investment (equipment procurement and R&D)

€24 million

Defence equipment procurement expenditure

€24 million

Defence R&D expenditure

€0.03 million

Operation & Maintenance expenditure

€42 million

Operations costs (deployed)

€15 million



Defence Data





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