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Croatian Deputy Prime Minister at EDA

Brussels - 13 November, 2019

Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Damir Krstičević, paid a visit to EDA on 12 November for talks with the Agency’s Chief Executive Jorge Domecq.

The main topics discussed during the meeting included the current state of play and way ahead in the implementation of the EU defence initiatives (PESCO, CARD, European Defence Fund), the implementation of the revised EU Capability Development Priorities adopted in June 2018 and Croatia’s current and potential participation in EDA projects and programmes.  Particular focus was put on the CBRN Surveillance as a Service (CBRN SaaS) project, a PESCO project in which Croatia participates (together with Austria, Slovenia and Hungary) and for which EDA has been asked to support the implementation (see related EDA webnews). CBRN SaaS will provide a rapidly deployable 24/7 chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) surveillance capability. Deputy Prime Minister Krstičević was also presented with detailed updates on several other ongoing projects, including on Military Mobility and the Agency’s work related to cyber defence. 

Deputy Prime Minister Krstičević said he expected the Agency to continue to be a strong factor in strengthening the coherence of European defence initiatives.

Mr Domecq and Deputy Prime Minister Krstičević also discussed the defence and security priorities of the upcoming Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (first semester 2020). Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthening Europe's defence, technological and industrial base will be one of Croatia's EU Presidency priorities in the field of defence. They also discussed the follow-up of their recent successful meeting in Zagreb last September (see related webnews) as well as of the workshop in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce which was organised in cooperation with the Agency. 



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