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Contract signed with Thales for provision of secure network & communication services to MPCC and EUTM Mali

Brussels - 24 October, 2018

EDA and Thales Six GTS France SAS have signed a contract within the Agency’s EU Satcom Market project for the provision of secure network and communication services to the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) and the EU’s Training Mission (EUTM) in Mali. The contract contains several options which, when triggered, will extend the services also to the EU Training Missions in the Central African Republic and Somalia. The contract has a potential value of €6 million and runs until the end of 2021. 

The specific contract was awarded following a reopening of competition between contractors previously awarded the Service Framework Contracts for the Provision of 'Communication and Information System (CIS) Services for Headquarters and Deployed Forces' in the context of the EU SatCom Market Project

Thales Six GTS France SAS will provide network and communication services for both unclassified and EU Classified Information (EUCI). Services provided include a secure WAN with LANs, work stations, printers, VoIP phones, VTC and encrypted mobile phones for EUCI communication, SMART phone communication application, Cyber Defence services, technical support, training, accreditation support and transportation. 

The contract signing is the result of a close cooperation between EDA, MPCC and the missions’ CIS personnel to define the requirements and evaluate the most advantageous proposal. EDA has been in the lead of the process up to the signing of the contract and will continue to be fully responsible for its management throughout the implementation. 

MPCC, which is responsible at the strategic level for the planning and conduct of non-executive military missions under the political control and strategic guidance of the Political and Security Committee, will be able to exercise its responsibilities in a secured environment. This new capacity will enhance the reactivity of MPCC by speeding up the flow of information not only between MPCC and missions, but evenly between missions. MPCC and CPCC already study the possibility to enlarge this capacity to other CSDP actors. 

The overall purpose of the EU SatCom Market project is to provide contributing Member States with an option to efficiently source cost effective commercial Satellite Communications (SatCom) as well as wider Communication and Information Systems (CIS) services. The Satcom services offered include end to end services with transmission links as well as SatCom terminals for all bands (including military). The CIS services offered cover the integration of telecommunications with radio and IT networks and include hardware as well as software. The range of services provided through the EU SatCom Market project enable users to access, store, transmit, receive and manipulate information required to meet a wide range of operational needs, both abroad and at home.

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