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Spanish Secretary of State visits EDA

Brussels - 14 March, 2018

Agustín Conde Bajén, Secretary of State for Defence of Spain, met with Jorge Domecq, Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency (EDA) today. Discussions focused on EU defence initiatives as well as Spain’s current and potential future contributions to EDA projects and programmes.

During the meeting with the Secretary of State, discussions included the general state of play of the Implementation Plan on Security and Defence of the EU Global Strategy including the Coordinated Annual Review on Defence (CARD), the Permanent Structured Cooperation on security and defence (PESCO) and the European Defence Fund, with focus of the discussions on EDA's role in all three initiatives.

State Secretary Conde and Chief Executive Domecq also exchanged views on EDA’s further development in view of the long-term review (LTR) and discussed Spain’s involvement in ongoing EDA projects and activities with focus on the EDA GovSatCom programme where Spain has a leading role. The State Secretary was also briefed on EDA’s support to Member States in the framework of SES/SESAR.

Spain, as the Secretary of State underlined, supports the principles of action of EDA and promotes collaboration with other Member States to improve defence capabilities. Mr. Conde pointed out that “the EDA is the framework provided by the EU for those Member States willing to develop common military capabilities, while acting at the same time as the key enabler in the development of the capabilities required to support the CSDP of the EU”.

The Secretary of State for Defence emphasised “the enormous interest of Spain and of its defence industry in the initiatives promoted by the EDA”. Mr Conde appreciated “the essential impulse provided by this Agency to the process of construction of a real Common Security and Defence Policy”.

Jorge Domecq thanked the State Secretary for his visit and Spain’s involvement in the Agency’s activities. “The EDA GovSatCom programme has made good progress over the last years, due in no small part to Spain’s engaged role as lead nation. I am looking forward to the next step in the programme, which will be the signing of the GovSatCom Pooling & Sharing Demonstration project arrangement before the summer”, said Jorge Domecq.



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