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Chief Executive Domecq visits Bulgaria

Sofia - 04 September, 2017

EDA Chief Executive Jorge Domecq held talks in Sofia on 3 and 4 September with the Bulgarian Minister of Defence Mr Krassimir Karakachanov, Deputy Minister of Defence Mr Atanas Zapryanov and the Deputy Foreign Minister Mrs Emiliya Kraleva. Mr Domecq also met with the Defence Committee of the National Assembly and industry representatives. Discussions focused on the preparation of the upcoming Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council during the first half of 2018 and Bulgaria’s current and potential future contributions to EDA projects and programmes.

During the meeting with the Minister of Defence, discussions included the general state of play regarding the Implementation Plan on Security and Defence, the European Defence Fund and the EDA’s further development in view of the long-term review (LTR). Mr. Domecq also ensured Minister Karakachanov of the Agency’s support to defence related events organised in the framework of the Bulgarian Presidency. He thanked the Minister for Bulgaria’s involvement in EDA activities and invited the Minister to further explore the possibility Bulgaria to be actively involved in  EDA’s work related to the free movement of land forces in Europe.

Mr Domecq welcomed the opportunity to discuss EDA initiatives with experts from different directorates of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Economy. Further discussions were held with representatives of the Bulgarian defence industry, with focus on the opportunities that EDA’s work provides for  the Bulgarian defence industry. The discussion with the Deputy Foreign Minister Emiliya Kraleva and the chairman and members of the Defence Committee of the National Assembly was mostly focused on the security context in Europe as well as in the region. 



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