European defence is a vital topic, and we always welcome keen and practical debate about ways forward. The opinion pieces below are not the opinions of EDA. Rather, they are reports and articles produced by others, which EDA feel make a valuable contribution to the contemporary defence debate.

Opinion: Paper argues for Political Will in Pooling Demand

Brussels - 12 September, 2012

With the upcoming seminar on Pooling & Consolidating Demand, EDA has been highlighting other perspectives on this vital issue. One major contribution to the debate comes from Christian Mölling of the German think tank SWP.

In a June 2012 article title 'Pooling and Sharing in the EU and NATO', he lays out the opportunities and challenges that defence cooperation faces today. Ultimately he highlights a crucial point: that Pooling & Sharing is not a technocratic process, but requires real political will to be truly effective; Dr Mölling provides a useful framework for this debate, terming it Sovereignty vs Effectiveness. He also calls for a push in three neglected areas of defence cooperation: role specialisation, the arms industry and additional investments.

The full article is available here: Moelling Article: Pooling and Sharing

For more on this topic, see our interview with Frank Haun, the CEO of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.

Note: These are the views of Dr. Mölling. EDA welcomes the contribution to the debate, without officially endorsing any of his conclusions.



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