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Economic Operators - Eligibility Criteria
Published on 5/5/2009

17. Economic Operators: Economic Operators having a technological or industrial base in the territories of the participating Member States of the European Defence Agency or in other countries referred to in 16 above, and not being excluded from the participation in a public contract according to applicable legislation on public procurement, will be entitled for registration. In exceptional cases and in full respect of 6 above, particularly if a specific service cannot be provided by such Economic Operators, other Economic Operators not fulfilling this criterion may be granted registration. 

The application for registration will be reviewed by the Administrative Cell with respect to the criterion mentioned above, as well as in respect of the nature of the offered services. It will base its assessment on the information received from the applicant and, in addition, on openly accessible information from other sources, to include information from appropriate national authorities. Economic Operators failing to produce necessary evidence in support of the fulfilment of the access and eligibility criteria will not be entitled to register, however they will be informed about the outcome of the assessment and the reasons for denying them access.

Extract from "Purpose and Functioning of the EU TPLS Platform" (for courtesy reasons only) 















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