The European Defence Standardization Information System (EDSIS) is the central portal for all European Defence materiel standardization services.

EDSIS’s main function is to enable the participating Member States of the European Defence Agency and industry to advertise Defence materiel standards that are to be developed or undergo major modification. Other stakeholders from government or industry are able to express their interest in joining the project through the EDSIS portal. This co-operative working enables standards to be developed, recognized and used by a number of parties. Thus EDSIS plays its part in reducing the dependence on national Defence standards.

Furthermore EDSIS gives registered users the possibility to get actively involved in creating new standardization solutions and to network with Defence standardization stakeholders.
EDSIS is a tool to
  • Promote Defence standardization activities;
  • Network with Defence standardization experts;
  • Be up-to-date on Defence standardization activities, events & news.

Only registered users can benefit from the standardization expert networking functionality including online discussions about proposed standardization projects. The registration is also necessary to publish new standardization projects. Only official representatives nominated by EDA participating Members are entitled to publish standardization projects.

Here you can find a collection of tutorials to learn about 

If you have any specific question please visit the Helpdesk where you will find a list of frequently asked questions and a contact form to send any individual note or question to the EDSIS team.

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