Welcome to the European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAR) containing references to “Best practice” standards and "standard-like" specifications. The “Best practice” standards are standards which have been selected by consensus by industry and governmental organisations to be the best applicable standards for defence purposes.

Who are the main users / customers that are supposed to use EDSTAR? They mainly belong to the following two categories:

a) For members of Project Teams in national governmental procurement authorities or in multinational Project Teams / procurement agencies etc.

EDSTAR provides support in order to select the most appropriate standards and "standard-like" documents (“Best Practice Standards”) when deciding upon technical specifications.

b) For members of Project Teams in defence industries

EDSTAR also provides support in order to assist with the selection of the most appropriate standards and "standard-like" documents (“Best Practice Standards”) when drafting specifications for their sub-contractors.

Beside references to the Best Practice Standards, EDSTAR also provides detailed “Best Practice Recommendations” for the application of the recommended standards in a number of Technical Domains.

Users are invited to provide their suggestions for improving EDSTAR’s functionality and website as well as suggestions for the inclusion of new Technical Domains. For any suggestion, please use the  Change Request Form which can be downloaded from the Library and send your Change Requests by email to edstar@eda.europa.eu .

Only users from the Ministry of Defence administrations of EDA participating Member States can register at https://www.eda.afnor.org to download standard documents referenced in EDSTAR and to get access to a general standard search engine.


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